Friday, June 10, 2011

Lets talk about another obsesion.

Sequins. Oh my GOD. I love them, on every and anything. As you may have read below, and figured out for yourself I AM A TOTAL GIRLIE GIRL. Its great! For the past 2 years I belive I've settled myself to really be like this, and I love it. Sequins are actually one of my favorite styles. Not on a shirt, too tacky, or pants, likewise. But on Blazers, Skirts, Shorts, Scarves, and Hats. They give and everyday outfit a POP. A great brand of super girlie, out there, blinged out clothes is HAUTE HIPPIE. Now this brand isn't just ONE of my favorites It's in my TOP 3. Smack down right beside Valentino, and Lanvin. They all represent the superfluous, glamorous side of being a woman. Which is what we should all embrace a little. Its good to spoil yourselves Ladies, no need to feel guilty. But to a certain extent. Some of you can afford this on a daily basis, some can't. But everyonce in a while you deserve a treat. Let me show you what I'm talking about. (:
The father of feminity is Valentino, Take a look for yourself.

Here is the brand I'm talking about Haute Hippie. As you notice all of these clothes express the glamourous female within!


Haute Hippie

    Okay, this is who this whole blog is based upon. This is the BIG one, and my #1 Favorite brand. LANVIN. These are not just clothes and accessories these are works of art. This brand is honestly my favorite because I can say I love EVERYTHING they have made, and I'm particular about my clothing. Not only are these clothes Haute Couture but they are just breath-taking. Have yourself a looksee. (:


  1. you know... the whole post is just fabulous, but I loved the first pair of shoes the most! they are so fantastic X) I wish I had them. Nice blog! Kisses, LadyAsia (Fashiolista) ;)

  2. LANVIN!! Great as always! :) and being honest, I love all the dresses! (but the last one) haha :)

    Amazing post!

  3. compliments for this blog, follow me on i follow you...kisses